Other Stuff I Do

Guitar Painting

My favorite hobby is painting guitars. It’s an expensive and super-tedious hobby so I don’t spend as much time on it as I want.

These are two guitars that I’ve done.

Right now I have two other guitars in progress.


Character Design

A couple years ago I had the opportunity to design the characters for a cartoon that a friend of mine created.

All of these characters were created from written descriptions I was given.

Here are a couple short clips of the actual animation as well as the character references.

Video 1
Video 1



I like sketching a lot and have done millions. My favorite thing to do is scribble a random line on a page and then create something from it. There are a couple examples of that here.

I’ve never really liked carrying around a sketchbook so I prefer to draw on the dumb little notepads they leave on the nightstand at hotels using the free ballpoint pens they give you, though I sometimes sketch things on my iPad.


Random Stuff

Occasionally I create things that don’t really fit in any other category. That’s what this stuff is.